Tarsiers (demo)

by Tarsiers

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released July 17, 2013

Written and performed by Tarsiers
Recorded by Ed Truckell at Musicbox Studios
Artwork by Twang!



all rights reserved


Tarsiers Cardiff, UK

Tarsiers are haplorrhine primates of the family Tarsiidae. Although the group was once more widespread, all the species living today are found in the islands of Southeast Asia. They are also a band based in Cardiff.

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Track Name: Camel
4 different letters I have written
I haven’t got the bottle to send one
All this time I’ve kept you floating
Around my head just for fun

4 different movies we have starred in
Exact same ending every time
Fading to black before the chase scene
Around my head

4 different crashes just one victim
You never were one to go that slow
Ignoring the signals all around you
Just straight ahead

4 different voices hoarse from shouting
A single vision fades with every word
A camel stands tall before the committee
Inside my head
Track Name: Last Train
Opening night, no queues at the bar
I can see you’d rather be at home now
Opening night, no queues at the door
As excuses echo round the room

Spotlights descend upon the boards
But no one wants to watch a saint
So you tread wine to keep from sinking
But you’re reaching new depths all the time

No one wants to see this show

First train out

No one to hold your hair back now
You’ll be sleeping in your clothes tonight
Dreaming of your teeth falling out
And suddenly your naked, you’re naked

No one wants to see this show

First train out
Track Name: Black Ice
Driving from your house as the sun takes photographs through the trees
It was an honest mistake, I was sure I loved you, forgive me please
But as I turn right into Cosmeston the doubt hits me like a wave
The sun shines interrogation down and me when I thought I was being brave


Fingernails intact but my eyes take a beating from the sky
I’m praying for backup but no clouds in sight, no place inside to hide
You’ve always been my black ice and you won’t melt like me
You’ve always been my black ice and you won’t melt like me